Title: Out of the Box Marketing

Description:  How to skyrocket your profits - a treasure trove of a book crammed full of time-tested strategies and techniques to help you to get more customers, get more out of your customers and to keep them coming back for more. This really is the ultimate, hands-on, 'painting by numbers' guide to help you achieve rapid business success. Out Of The Box Marketing gives you countless proven, powerful and profitable ways to build your bottom line profits faster, quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

Author: David Abingdon                     Publisher:  Thorogood 


Item number:   B1012                           Price: $18

Description: The nonprofit sector has increased by 65%--a flood of new organizations are vying for donations, competing for volunteers, and carving out their share of the marketplace. Jay Conrad Levinson shows nonprofit marketers how to gain the competitive edge they need by replacing their lack of money with the power of time, energy, imagination, and information—allowing them to maximize their impact and raise more money!.

Author: Jay Conrad Levinson                   Publisher:  McGraw-Hill

Item number:   B1007                                 Price: $22

Description: S'adressant a des etudiants en economie-gestion, ce dictionnaire entend couvrir la totalite de la discipline, mais sans entrer dans les details de certaines specialisations. Pour chaque entree : la traduction anglaise, une presentation simple et une illustration concrete. L'attention est portee aux renvois entre les entrees et a leur complementarite.

Author: Chamard                                      Publisher:  Campus

Item number:   B1008                                 Price: $19

Description: L'islam fixe des règles qui peuvent avoir des conséquences sur les comportements des consommateurs. Elles représentent donc un défi pour les entreprises qui souhaitent s'adresser aux populations ou aux marchés musulmans. Quelles connaissances de l'islam doivent avoir ces entreprises ? Comment doivent-elles adapter leur offre produit ? Quels éléments doivent-elles intégrer dans leur campagne de communication ? Peuvent-elles
appliquer les règles du marketing classique ?.

Author:  Cedomir Nestorovic                     Publisher:  Dunod

Item number:   B1006                                 Price: $ 29

Description: Employees are the biggest marketing asset that a brand can have, especially after the emergence of social media. Employees can be a brand’s biggest advocates, yet they’re often an unused territory. Therefore Joe Ghantous illustrates in his book "Employee Advocacy On Social Media - The Missing Piece Of Your Marketing Puzzle" how companies can plan, implement and measure an employee advocacy program to win new business, and clarify its importance to employees to boost their own online persona.

Author: Joe Ghantous                              Publisher:Right Service
Item number:   B1004                              Price: $ 29

Title: Dictionary of Marketing

Description: Differences between British and American usage highlighted Phonetic pronunciation given for all entries Useful supplements provide a SWOT analysis, sample rate card and print-specification form Quotations from magazines and newspapers give real-world contexts The Dictionary of Management is an invaluable tool for anyone who works in or studies marketing, and for any professional looking to understand the terms crucial to the growth and success of their business.

Author:  A. Ivanovic                            Publisher:  Bloomsbury


Item number:   B1014                           Price: $16

Title: Marketing en Environnement islamique

Package number: P1001

Price:$144 instead of $154 (10 best business books)

Title: The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Description: A completely revised and updated edition of the Business Week  bestseller on effective, modern marketing and PR best practices.
The New Rules of Marketing and PR shows you how to leverage the potential that Web-based communication offers your business.

Author:  David Meeran Scott                 Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Item number:  B1005                              Price: $23

Title: Measuring Marketing: 103 Key Metrics Every Marketer Needs 

Description: Marketing is now being asked to be measurably accountable for not only the top-line of their income statement, but also for the bottom-line as well. This is the first book that addresses the clamor and demand from marketing's many stakeholders to be accountable for its strategies and activities.

Author:   John Davis                          Publisher: Wiley


Item number:   B1018                           Price: $ 40

Title: The Luxury Strategy 

Description: Luxury is in fashion and is now to be found within almost every retail, manufacturing and service sector.
What really is a luxury product, a luxury brand or a luxury company? "The Luxury Strategy" is a definitive new work that sets the record straight. Luxury is as old as humanity and it is only by a thorough understanding of the genuine concept, that it is possible to define a rigorous set of rules for the effective management of luxury brands and products.

Author:   Jean-Noel Kapferer              Publisher: Kogan Page


Item number:   B1019                           Price: $ 47

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Title: Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits

Title: Le Marketing du Tourisme

Description: Cet ouvrage synthétique apporte une vision d'ensemble des problématiques marketing, et répond aux problématiques spécifiques de chaque type d'opérateur dans le domaine du tourisme (responsable de destinateur, transporteur, voyagiste).

Author: Isabelle Frochot,                   Publisher:  Campus

              Patrick Legohérel


Item number:   B1015                           Price: $35


Every day a new marketing book is released, so it will be hard for you to choose the best. 

We cut it short for you!

A group of marketing experts with more than 15 years of experience had recommended for you to read the below books.

Title: Manager's Guide to Online Marketing

Description: Online marketing has evolved far beyond just websites and banner ads. Increasingly, a business’s credibility now rests on its ability not to just embrace digital platforms, but to coordinate a broad spectrum of media in every campaign. Manager’s Guide to Online Marketing explains how to do this and more by planning and executing effective cross-channel digital outreach using an array of the latest, most sophisticated tools and strategies.

Author: Jason Weaver                       Publisher:  McGraw-Hill


Item number:   B1016                           Price: $17

Title: 50 Short Stories and Examples Explaining Basic Concepts in Marketing

Description: This book fills the need for a concise book on the growing field of Marketing. It provides an essential guide to basic concepts and vocabulary in marketing throughout stories. Putting theory aside, this book gets straight to action with more than 50 marketing practices examples that enable readers to learn the main marketing concepts.

Author: Samer El Hajjar                      Publisher: Jarrous Press Publishers

Item number:  B1020                         Price: $10

Title: Employee Advocacy On Social Media

Title: Marketing and Client Relations for Interior Designers

Description: Discover the latest insights in marketing and client relations for interior designers. To be a successful interior designer, it's essential to market yourself and your firm effectively. A must-read for interior designers establishing a client base, as well as for seasoned interior designers aiming to grow their businesses, Marketing and Client Relations for Interior Designers offers valuable tips on enhancing client relations and building lasting relationships for a growing practice.

Author:  Mary V. Knackstedt              Publisher:  Wiley


Item number:   B1013                           Price: $ 69

Description: "Branded Male" discusses the evolution of the male consumer and the desire of marketers to tap into the still underdeveloped male market. Crammed with facts and anecdotes, "Branded Male" analyses
how to effectively brand products and services for the male market. Using a typical modern male's weekday and examining all the influences affecting him, the book considers his exposure to brands and the ways marketers can exploit these channels.

Author: Mark Tungate                               Publisher:  Kogan Page

Item number:   B1009                                 Price: $ 39

There are hundreds and hundreds of business books, but we chose for you “The 10 Best Business Books of All Times”

  • The Story Factor

  • McDonald's

  • The Power of Intuition

  • Purple Cow

  • Emotional Intelligence

Title: Dictionary of Marketing Terms

Description: This fully revised third edition contains 7,000 entries, each with a part of speech, a note on grammar and an example sentence to show how the term is used in context.  The Dictionary of Management is an invaluable tool for anyone who works in or studies marketing, and for any professional looking to understand the terms crucial to the growth and success of their business..

Author: Jane Imber                                  Publisher:  Barron's Educational .                                                                                    Series

Item number:   B1010                                 Price: $15

Title: Branded Male: Marketing to Men

Title: Guerrilla Marketing for Free

Description: The guru of the Guerrilla Marketing series, with over a million copies in print, teaches entrepreneurs how to market aggressively without spending one cent.Levinson, the authority on big-business marketing on a small-business budget, takes this concept one step further by offering scores of marketing ideas that are completely free.

Author: Jay Conrad Levinson            Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt  .                            

Item number:   B1011                          Price: $14

Title: Le Marketing De A a Z

Title: How to Write a Marketing Plan 

Description: How to Write a Marketing Plan, 4th edition", simplifies the task of developing a marketing plan for a product or business. Taking a step-by-step approach to the entire process, from carrying out a marketing audit, setting objectives and devising budgets, to writing and presenting the plan and finally, implementation.

Author:   John Westwood                   Publisher: Kogan Page


Item number:   B1017                           Price: $15